Pharmacy Managers that Makes a Profit?

Source: Liberty Blitzkrieg, by Mike Krieger When I first started becoming aware of how sleazy, parasitic and corrupt the U.S. economy was, I only had expertise in one industry, financial services. Coming to grips with the blatant criminality of the TBTF Wall Street banks and their enablers at the Federal Reserve and throughout the federal government, I […]

via Meet Pharmacy Benefit Managers – ‘The Most Profitable Corporations You’ve Never Heard Of’  — sentinelblog

Fortunately , many people may say how can many corporations make so much profits in this nation. For instance look around at these different convienent stores , like Walgreen’s , CVS, Walmart, and etc. Think they are making a fortune, when you see the amount of sales, and revenues that comes in throughout these stores or even franchises.


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