10 Ten Things a person should believe in?

The ten most important thing a person should believe in?

1. Their self when no one else does.

2.Family and friends that will stick by you when you don’t have anybody else.

3.dreams and aspirations that can take you to the next level.

4.Life because it matters and its your purpose to figure it out.

5.Building a huge relationship with your passion and developing the ability to listen to positive advice.

6.Teaching other people steps on being successful in life an sharing their experiences different people can relate to.

7.Define your purpose and what you expect in this world and the society.

8.Being mindful of human beings or peoples feeling when explaining your  point.

9.bringing awareness of your own  actions.

10. Always put God first whether you going through trials and tribulations or a situation.


15 thoughts on “10 Ten Things a person should believe in?

  1. Being mindful is most important in everything we do, be it with other humans or in nature.. Love your list ..
    Take care.. and I will be back Johnny ..
    As I now take my own mindfulness and rest up for the rest of the day as I switch off the modem.
    blessings to you and yours

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      1. I have a suggestion for you, it’s only a suggestion so it’s completely upto you to take it or ignore it. (I wouldn’t feel bad if you don’t)
        I saw that your domain name is too long, now, I liked the meaning it has but when somebody is seaeching for your blog it’ll be a problem to write something so long to get to it. So my suggestion is, change your domain name to something short and sweet and transfer the sweet thought from your domain name to the tagline ^-^


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