“Building a Great ” Friendship?

What is important when building a great friendship?

Building a great friendship on my eye is extremely important. Especially when you figure you have a friend that is suppose to be a person of integrity. But story be told you barely find friends that are like that. For instance when I worked at a community thrift store where I’m from; I can say I was probably their at least 2 days I can say, and Lord behold their were to guys named: John, and Robert, and when I begin working at the thrift store I begin to build a form of a good friendship between the two of them. Because I use to hang out with mainly John and Robert . But when I share with them how when I use to go through high school feeling very depressed and how I was bullied and picked on my teenage life, I kind of brought them into my world to allow them to realize how I felt very insecure about myself, like in a man perspective I felt I wasn’t attractive of  handsome, I just at times thought when people came up to me and said I’m handsome I didn’t believe them, and yes I still wrestle with this today in my adult life. However though to get back to my story, I mean these guys always encourage me, and at times I use to take the time out to send them words of  encouragement, and they would respond and I felt good of myself that I shined a light in somebodys life. Meanwhile as time progressively passed by, I begin to see are friendship take a  turn. Like I question myself did I do anything wrong to this person who I thought was my friend, but in reality it’s part of life. But to this day I lost a friendship between these  individuals. So anyone out there that is planning on finding friends that are going where you  going?make sure you have friends you can build a good relationship with, where you can talk about anything,and also make  sure.

1. Their a person of integrity.

2. Willing to take the time out to listen what you have to say.

3. Have your back when people bring false information about you to them.

So anybody have any questions feel free to leave your comments here on my blog. Thank you?


16 thoughts on ““Building a Great ” Friendship?

    1. The possible way that you be certain or realize someone is your sincere friend is when they keep their word, and always speaking positive. And also they always have your back when certain people talk bad about you.

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  1. True friends are rare… And you are lucky if you have found a true friend, who is there for you in thick and thin…And they try not to let you down…
    I hope you are forever surrounded in good people who turn into really good friendships..
    Have a beautiful Day..
    Sue 🙂

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    1. I agree. They are extremely hard to find and once you do, it’s easy to expect the same of other friends or go looking for those rare friends. I did this and had trouble with friendships. I just had to lower my standards and not expect too much from people. But despite this, I still have found a couple of ‘true blue’ friends amoungst my other friends. I think to a certain extent, like will attract like eventually. But I still enjoy my ‘less true’ friendships; I just take them for what they are.

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      1. Hello Laura, and yes, not all so called ‘Friends’ are true friends.. I like to call them passing friends.. For we meet and greet many people along our life’s journey.. Each come into our lives for a reason. Be it we give them something they need to learn or we need to learn from them.. No person who passes through our lives is without value.. Even those whom we may term as enemies.. For sometimes its our greatest enemies that come to teach us our most valued lessons..
        Love and Blessings.. XXX Sue ❤

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