Different types of human intelligence?

Readers and viewers that are watching this blog. I want you all if can to take the time out, to discover what human intelligence that you might have in common. So if you can feel free to share them here on my blog.

Any questions or comments leave them  below. Have a great week.


19 thoughts on “Different types of human intelligence?

  1. Well, for me it’s words and people (obviously, since I’m a writer, lol). I write a lot and am really into social sciences. Love and ability for these two seem to come naturally to me. On the flip side I’m TERRIBLE at math, lol! I feel like I read somewhere that when administering an official IQ test, psychologists test the overall IQ and then test in several key areas (like music, language, math, science, etc) This reminds me of that. Ever taken one of those?

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  2. Nature would have to be the one I click every time Johnny .. For without the world of Nature.. None of the others would exist.. 🙂
    Wishing you a wonderful week..
    Sorry I have not been by recently.. Been very busy in our allotments.. ❤

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