Why Your Still Single? And is their anyone out their for you.

Question everyone? Why I ask myself I’m single. Because from perspective I have a generous heart and still you wonder is their someone out their for you. So that being said hear are some steps on why the reason a person is single.

1. They are afraid that get rejected.

2. Their not confident in theiself.

3.People don’t want to be with them because they have the most generous hearts, and their so polite.

4. Men such as myself that is single sometimes wonder if person want to talk to them, how can a women approach.

5. They figure a person who is single that hardly ever say anything is very quiet.

6. The answer to step 5 is not true. It is a person just have to get to know a person before they judge.

So if anybody like this blog. Or have any further question feel free to leave your comments down below, trul appreciate it.

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