What are Reason you wish you could Disappear?

Question what is a reason people wish they could Disappear.

1.they are completely invisible at all times and no one notice them.

2. You want to be included but people who so call themselves you their friends tends to avoid you dont call you like they use to but only when they want to use you or take advantage of you.

3. They don’t be sincere on what you going through or even concern about whether you are alright. But instead they care more about their own self instead of you.

4.I myself can say #1,#2,#3 is all about me. Because I’m feel like the friends or I could say what I thought was my friends don’t even talk to me anymore unless their something pertaining to them.but at the end of today I have to take a lick and keep on ticking.because who cares whether they like me or not. So at the end of that chapter you just be around people are going to cheer you on and support you.
So anyone have questions or comments feel free to leave them below on my blog.


4 thoughts on “What are Reason you wish you could Disappear?

  1. I am pleased to see you are discerning who are real friends and who are not.. For real friends listen..
    And I know sometimes we all get those feelings of being invisible.. Not wanted etc..
    But as we grow we learn that what is most important, is that we value ourselves, that is not being selfish.. Its merely saying to ourselves, we are important.. And it matters not what others think or even say about us.. Its what we think about ourselves that count..
    It took me a lot of years to love my self, and feel worthy.. And I know how it feels to be ignored.. So, please do not disappear.. But be determined that you will rise above, and overcome,
    What ever problems we are going through at the time, because they are our problems they can seem huge..
    But when we step back a little from ourselves, and view life in others shoes.. I bet you are pleased that they are your shoes and not others you are walking in..
    So when you want a listening ear.. Know there are people out there willing to listen.. And you can knock upon Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary any time.. I will do just that.
    Blessings your way.. and hope your weekend is a better one..


  2. Thanks for bringing light to this feeling, we can’t stop feeling something but we can definitely divert our thoughts. we should not be afraid of saying that we deserve better.if people leave you it’s there fault not yours.humans are unpredictable you never know what’s hiding behind #gold behind dust😁😁😁😁😁😁😁


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