New Song By: Brandon Heath Ft. Tauren Wells ” Got the Love”

If not one have not heard it. I recommend you to check it out tauren Wells is amazing hitting the high harmonies, I mean he sounds so much me like Micheal jackson and especially when you hear the song it has a twist of, a Micheal Jackson vibe. So check it out everyone. If anyone has any form of questions feel free to write on this blog down below.


Not very handsome, or don’t have confident in myself.

1. I look in the mirror I don’t feel handsome at all. My cousins looks better then I do and they can pretty much can get any girls. I can’t every time someone try to set me up they say I’m ugly.

2. I don’t like my body, my face, my nose, teeth anything. It just feel strange to me.

3. I try to be polite to girls and try to treat them with respect, but most of the time girls like guys with abs, or play sports, they don’t like going with guys that are nerds or is educated.

4. I feel like giving up on everything, I also feel like no doesn’t care anything about me they just only want to use me.

5. I hate liars, I hate when people say that they like but they really don’t just gets me livid and furious all at the same time.

6. I’m just done with everything, I feel whats the point, my cousins has everything I feel they can get any girl, and I’m just very ugly and just I guess don’t have no life.

7. At this point I don’t know what else to do.

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What do a you say when you have poor service? For instance Motel

Hmmm!! If I can speak for anybody else. Speak for yourself, in my perspective the motel called dragon inn had very poor service, because before me and my family arrived, and we walked in the door it smell like pure smoke, the bathroom water didn’t get hot, had to ask for toilet paper, bath towels, and better yet we had to provide our own air freshener. So therefore in reality who ever wants to get better service, and card I would recommend going to the Hilton’s or marriot hotel. So if you have any concerns of questions feel free to leave your comments down below the blog.

 But look at this pic below its crazy right.

Making a Mark?

What are the important a attributes for a person to make a  mark.

1. Showing  person. Love and letting them know that they care.

2. Making a difference in their life that can never ever be erased.

3. Create a platform or an opportunity that many people can learn from.

4. Asking theirself what possible way people can make a change into someone else’s life.

5. Making an impact that will create a landmark that hit’s the world and the nation.

6.Being a person that not afraid on what a person says or do.

7. Not falling to F.E.A.R. (False Evident Appearing Real).

8. Just being sibil and allowing a light to shine not in only your life, but others.