What are Reason you wish you could Disappear?

Question what is a reason people wish they could Disappear.

1.they are completely invisible at all times and no one notice them.

2. You want to be included but people who so call themselves you their friends tends to avoid you dont call you like they use to but only when they want to use you or take advantage of you.

3. They don’t be sincere on what you going through or even concern about whether you are alright. But instead they care more about their own self instead of you.

4.I myself can say #1,#2,#3 is all about me. Because I’m feel like the friends or I could say what I thought was my friends don’t even talk to me anymore unless their something pertaining to them.but at the end of today I have to take a lick and keep on ticking.because who cares whether they like me or not. So at the end of that chapter you just be around people are going to cheer you on and support you.
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Why Your Still Single? And is their anyone out their for you.

Question everyone? Why I ask myself I’m single. Because from perspective I have a generous heart and still you wonder is their someone out their for you. So that being said hear are some steps on why the reason a person is single.

1. They are afraid that get rejected.

2. Their not confident in theiself.

3.People don’t want to be with them because they have the most generous hearts, and their so polite.

4. Men such as myself that is single sometimes wonder if person want to talk to them, how can a women approach.

5. They figure a person who is single that hardly ever say anything is very quiet.

6. The answer to step 5 is not true. It is a person just have to get to know a person before they judge.

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Watch “Brandon Heath – Whole Heart (Official Lyric Video)” on YouTube

This is a powerful anthem song. If anybody heard of 5 times nominatee Brandon Heath singer/songwriter is a incredible artist known  worldwide. So if anyone have the chance feel free to check out this video.

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 Check this album out as well it is  amazing!! I say.

Outstanding artist my Gospel favorite of all time.

Watch “for KING & COUNTRY – O God Forgive Us (feat. KB) [Official Music Video]” on YouTube

These brothers, and men of God has incredible talent and warm voice tone. They touch lives, and people across the nation and even the world. But in perspective though they truly help to inspire artists and fans to want to pursue a dream or a passion they never had before. So joel and Luke I congrats you guys and just continue to resonate with people from different ages, and nationality, and race and gender who are trying to find themselves, whether it is through music or anything else. Just want to say thanks and keep up the wonderful work.

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9 Facts about Me?

1. I was born at Lee Memorial hospital

2. I live in fort Myers all my life every since I was a child.

3. I can sing, except for my  brothers.

4. I am the second oldest of two brothers.

5. I attended Cypress lake middle and high.

6. Senior year I graduated from East Lee County High School with a high school  diploma.

7. I attended University of Phoenix were I received a Associates Degree in Electronic Medical Records.

8.I lost my father from colon cancer at the age of 10 years old.

9. I have amazing friends that has my back 100%. And a aweome little nephew named baby Joe Joe, and others Ray Ray, boo boo.