What advise would give someone who struggles with believing in theirself, and just wrestling with depression?

Question ? What advise would I give someone who is struggling to believe in theirself.

1. I would tell that person to understand that God has truly given you a purpose, and the drive to do what you love best.

2. Build confidence and know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

3. Discover what gift you have and go for it.

4. Share your thoughts to people who are going where you are at, and are going to support 💯.

5. Surround yourself with positivity, and have a life coach who can help you get to the next level in life.

6. Always be true to yourself, because you are going to have people that tear you down and tell you that you will never be nothing, so take what people say and turn it around to say , I will be this I will receive this, I will fulfill my dreams, I will be successful, when you think that way you are building a kingdom and that is kingdom mindset and maturity.

Next question?

People who wrestles with depression?

1. I have depth with form of depression.

2 I use to have thoughts where I wanted to commit sucicde but I realized that I had a purpose in life and that God has been so good to me.

3. Talk with someone who you truly trust because I did, and it definitely works.

4. If you know anybody that is dealing with depression, get help, because it’s important to have some for of empathy for people who deals with it.

5. Understand that different symptoms of depression.

6. Allow yourself to vent out what you been holding on for years to someone that cares and loved you no matter what.

7. Just know that you can overcome any form of depression because I know I did. But it was through my and personal savior Jesus Christ.
So like share and comment on what you guys think. God bless ya everyone.

Watch “Night Of Worship Feat. Tauren Wells” on YouTube

Love this dude, he is a huge influencers of what a artist should be. He shares the true meaning of what artistry is supposed to. Be and I just want to say I hope he shares something into everyone life. And in perspective I truly consider him my brother in Christ , mentor, teacher, leader that is after God’s people that will captivate people across this nation , that through worship music it will draw peole more closer to Christ.
Like comment on what you would like God to do in your life. God bless ya Guys. Love you.